This website collects information on various Starlink services. Starlink does not provide this information themselves, this is crowdsourced data.
Any information here is not authoritative and could be incorrect.

Website Analytics

Umami is used for its simple, fast and privacy-focused analytics

Status Page

Uptime Kuma is used to show service uptime history

User Install Map

A global map with markers for user submitted installs

Database Backup

The database dump only contains firmware information


Firmware, software, and hardware versions are collected for historical purpose.

Feel free to add new firmware versions. Please do not vandalize.


Speedtest results are collected via the online form, the Starlink Discord and the provided scripts.

Reliably distinguishing service types (residential, business, etc.) is not possible, as such statistics represent the overall Starlink network.

Feel free to add new speedtest results.


For any inquiries (feedback, bugs, incorrect information), contact us on Discord with 'Micky#6815' or send an email to '[email protected]'

Please consider donating (any amount is appreciated), it helps to pay server costs.

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